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The Process 

Do you know someone who is facing a difficult life circumstance and could use a little comfort? Use the form to submit a quilt request for that person. The form asks for some detail about the challenge the person is facing as well as the persons favorite colors, hobbies and other interest. Once the request has been processed the volunteers at Love Sews pick out fabrics and colors based on the individuals preferences. Once the quilt has been put together, the volunteers pray over the quilt before it is delivered. The quilt is delivered with washing instructions and information about Love Sews. Should a recipient want to talk to  someone we are happy to provide a listening ear and offer prayer. 


Due to various HIPPA regulations, Love Sews can only work with the information we are provided with on the forms. You can provide as much or as little information as you feel comfortable with. Love Sews only works if people submit quilt requests! No circumstance is to big or small. Help us wrap the world in love, one quilt at a time by submitting requests for quilts! 

Request a Quilt 

Please complete the form below to help us personalize the quilt for the recipient.


All quilts are a gift and labor of love from the volunteers at Love Sews Ministry. If you would like to partner with Love Sews Ministry, we would welcome your donation! Your gift will help us provide quilts to more people who are facing challenging life situations. 


By clicking the submit button, you understand that if you cannot pick up the quilt and deliver it to the recipient there is a required donation to cover shipping ($15 for the continental US or $50 for outside of the US) We require the shipping donation before we begin making the quilt.

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