This is a continuation of the stories from our home page of a few of the people who have received their very own special quilt from Love Sews Ministry.



Aubrey has been safely sleeping under her quilt since opening it on Christmas morning.  This quilt has been a bright spot along this long and windy road. Thank You!

Aubrey is 16 years old with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. She has only  a 50% chance of remission. She spent 56 days in the hospital, experiencing horrific side effects from the chemotherapy. Unable to attend, she has very little contact with her friends as treatment leaves her weak, sick, and unable to fight any type of infection. The chemotherapy has left her with hearing impairment in one ear, peripheral neuropathy and pain, intermittent right sided paralysis, night sweats, insulin dependent high blood sugar. Aubrey has amazing courage, patience and quality of character. 


Nine year old Brenden was hit by a car crossing the street in front of his house on December 9. Brenden had a traumatic brain injury, several internal injuries a broke jaw and 2 broken femurs.

Brenden has had to spend both Christmas and his 10th birthday in the hospital. He is currently at Mary Free Bed in Grand Rapids working hard on his physical therapy so he can go home.

Everyday the doctors would come in to his room and say, "well, let's see what God has done today!" because he is making a remarkable recovery.

He loves his Love Sews quilt, (especially the Spiderman!) and sleeps with it every night! Follow Brenden's fight on Facebook here.

Brenden blanket.png

Alia, Josiah, Mathias, and Zander

Donna requested these quilts for her grandchildren as they have been removed from their home in Mexico and relocated to the US. Their parents are divorcing and the children are separated from their father, Donna's son. Donna was invited to see them before Christmas to give them their quilts. She has not heard from them since as they have once again moved. Alia is 12, Josiah is 11, Mathias is 8 and Zander is 6.


Please keep little Andrew in your prayers as he has returned to the hospital...follow his story here: Andrews journey through neuroblastoma.



Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for this beautiful quilt! My daughter LOVES it! It will be coming  with us on surgery day! How fitting that she was wearing her unicorn shirt and pants when it arrived!! Thank you for all you do!


"I Love my quilt! I got it when I was on my way out the door to go to treatment. This is me having Trans-cranial Magnetic Stimulation. I have BPD and Major Depressive disorder. I have suffered from it for years and medication has not helped. Praying this works :) I also have CML, I am in remission, but still have to take a chemo pill to control it. Thank you all for this and the prayers. <3"


My Uncle

This is my uncle who has returned home to Ludington after treatment for his brain cancer in Grand Rapids. He loves his quilt and so does his dog Katie who missed him very much and is so happy to have him back home!


My daughter has the biggest smile on her face today! Her blanket! She can't stop talking, touching and reading.. This will be in our home and hospitals. You guys have worked so hard! I thank God for leading us to you! Thank you! Love Lauren's mum.



Savannah loves her quilt! It was on our doorstep as we came home from the doctor. She is excited that she can take it with her to the hospital next month for surgery. Thank you for putting a smile on her sweet face today!


Cancer is never an easy road to travel, but Kim and her family have so much support and love surrounding them. It was such a beautiful thing to see. THANK YOU to Love Sews Ministry for creating such a wonderful quilt for Kim. The quilt definitely fits Kim and her personality! 



Violet's Pet Scan is done and now we wait for staging, treatment etc. Thank You for your prayers and the awesome quilt from Love Sews Ministry and to all the volunteers that prayed for me while holding my quilt. What a wonderful organization purely run by those volunteering their time...even if they can’t sew! Check them out!


Words can not express the gratitude we feel for Love Sews Ministry for this amazing quilt. Xander suffers from a lot of sensory issues; this quilt will bring him great comfort and he adores it. Xander sends each of the ladies that had a hand in creating this quilt a very big thank you.



Blown away by the surprise of this quilt from Love Sews Ministries. She is covered up in more than just a beautiful quilt. Prayers and comfort from a wonderful group, encouragement through her journey, and love. Such a perfect day to receive this as well, as we go tomorrow for her screenings.


Andrew is 12 years old and was diagnosed in February with Ulcerative Colitis. The first medication he was on worked well for a month and then he got a flare up that made him lose a lot of weight and put him in the hospital for a week. A change of meds and a simple but boring diet is keeping things under control for now. He's looking forward to feeling well enough and having the energy to enjoy the outdoors this summer doing his favorite things with his siblings like swimming, biking and jumping on the trampoline. 


Victor is a 20 year old construction worker who was buried on the job. It is a miracle that he is alive and only lost one of his legs. He is currently waiting for his prosthetic leg and a small intestine transplant. 


Pastor David Nederhood. He was in a motorcycle accident on December 2 while on a mission trip in Bali. Was in a coma for a month. Is back in the USA and in a long term rehabilitation facility. Praying for a full recovery

Gary and Linda

Gary and Linda, from Macomb, Michigan are going through a very difficult , personal time and greatly appreciate your prayers


Joe is from North Carolina. He is fighting cancer for the third time. When the request for his quilt came in, he had little "fight" left in him. Joe was overwhelmed and so thankful that a group of volunteers from Michigan heard about his situation and, not only made him this beautiful quilt, but sent notes of encouragement and has been praying for him.


Little Kamille is a strong little survivor! She has already survived heart surgeries to repair two holes, she is not even a year old yet.


Little Zoe is just 6 years old and has yet to have her diagnosis determined. Zoe struggles with sensory and anxiety issues and has a difficult time calming down. She really loves her "hug from Jesus" and wraps herself up in when she feels like she can't get control. She also loves to share her quilt with her little sister Ivy.


Phyllis suffered a stroke a while back and lost much of the use of her left side. She is not able to walk more than a few feet on her own. She loves her new quilt and the comfort she feels wrapped in a "hug from Jesus".


Dave has ALS and is declining quickly. Soon he may need a breathing machine to help him. Dave has a good attitude (most days) and is so thankful for the quilt, card and prayers from the Love Sews Ministry volunteer team.


Cadence is a sweet little 1 1/2 year old. She is full of joy in spite of her diagnosis of Hemihyperplasia, an extremely rare condition that causes half of her body to grow faster than the other half. She has a long road ahead of her with doctor appointments and treatments. Please keep her and her family in your prayers.