February Fundraiser!

Sew many times, at Love Sews Ministry, we get asked the question, "Is it possible for me to purchase one of your quilts?" The answer is always..."no, I'm sorry, but we do not make them to sell for purchase." Our quilts are requested by people on behalf of someone who is dealing with a difficult life situation. They are a gift from Love Sews to the recipient...

Love Sews Ministry is offering you this opportunity to partner with us and receive a beautiful quilt as a gift for your very generous donation. February is "Heart Month" and we have this beautiful heart quilt for the one that you love on the auction block! This quilt measures 55"x 60" and the cost of material alone is $100 (this does not consider the man hours involved!)

The starting bid for this quilt is $150 with the option to "Buy it NOW" for $450. Should you decide to "Buy it NOW" you will also receive a Lip Sense lip gloss product, a $20 value to to go with the quilt!

You may place your bid in the comments below. Bids must be raised by whole dollars only. The highest bidder as of midnight on February 27th will be the winner of this auction. THAT is of course, if no one decides to leverage the "Buy it NOW" option. Otherwise, the first person to comment with, "Buy it NOW - I bid $450!" will immediately win the auction.

This quilt can be shipped domestically for $15 or internationally for $50 by adding it to your donation.

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