...more than just sewing

This year at Love Sews Ministry we are going to work at not only enlarging our community of sewers, but also growing together in community, friendship and relationship with each other.

This group that gathers to give purpose to our mission, "to make and provide custom quilts to those facing challenging life circumstances, in hopes of creating strength, hope, and a little bit of joy for the recipients", was designed for even more than just making pretty quilts. We are a group of people (yes, we do have the occasional gentleman, including husbands, that join in the fun!) that has banded together for a cause we believe in, God's power to provide comfort through a tangible "hug from Jesus" in the form of a warm quilt that has been lovingly sewed and prayed over.

In our own way we are a "life group" that does just that...life! This year we intend to know more of each other, support each other better, and move beyond the "get'er done" drive that allowed our quilt goal of 250 to actually reach an incredible 383 quilts for 2018! Granted, because our ministry took a global uptick last spring, the requests far exceeded our expectations. But isn't that exactly when God shows up? When we couldn't possibly manage the task before us, His power, His strength, and His will compel us forward to complete what He has laid before us.

We have already started a couple of new ways to connect with each other at Loves Sews and new ways to connect those who are not Love Sews volunteers, to this ministry. In January we offered our first "Auction of the Month" with a U of M quilt on the auction block. Each month we will have another quilt up for auction...keep watch! We also had our first quarterly, "Make-and-Take" class - mittens. These classes are open to the public with limited availability (we only have so many sewing machines...!) as well as our volunteers. Next up in the line of activity will be our monthly, "Sew-in" on Friday, January 25. These events planned for the 4th Friday of the month starting at 7 PM. During this time our volunteers are encouraged to bring any project that they are currently working on at home, or just come hang out, and enjoy the comradery. Friends are always welcome!

We will soon roll out our newsletter and events for 2019. The Love Sews Board is working hard to make our community stronger, closer, and more inviting. Look for more to come as the year progresses!

If you are remotely interested in becoming a volunteer at Love Sews Ministry, please come and get to know us. There is more than just sewing going on!

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