Now your're just showing off...!

First of all...NOTHING is too small or too ordinary for God! Just wanted to set that straight right away! But, have you ever noticed how God works in so many of the things that you are just unaware of until you have to be...?

So last weekend I met my sisters up north at a cottage, pretty much out in the middle of nowhere, literally! One of those places tucked back into the woods off of a dirt road, miles from "real" civilization, i.e.; a sizable town with at least a grocery store of reasonable means... So, Saturday morning we jump into my car, barely out of our pj's, to head over to Lake Michigan for a morning stroll along the beach. As we pulled away, I noticed my tire pressure information was illuminated on the dashboard, showing 18lbs of pressure in one of my front tires...Yikes! Two sisters jump out and into the other car and follow me to the nearest gas station, about 5 miles away. We fill the tire with fix-a-flat and air and head to the nearest tire center at the Walmart in Whitehall...15 miles up the highway, all the while I'm watching the tire pressure drop like a hot rock! Once pulled up to the bay, you could see the fix-a-flat spewing out of a spot on the tire!

The gentleman at the tire center said they should have the tires (yes, the other front tire was in rough shape too, unbeknownst to me...! Must pay better attention to such things...) and could get me right in and back out in about 45 minutes. Great! 200 plus dollars I hadn't planned to spend, but SOOOooo thankful they could take care of me and do it right away. Thankful, also, that I did not have a flat on the highway headed up north, on the back roads to the cottage, or even driving my mother-in-law or grandchildren around town at home in Holland!

But that is NOT the end of the story...! When I went back to pay, the gentleman proceeded to tell me that in all actuality, they really don't carry my tires...BUT, someone else had ordered the very 2 tires that I needed...back in January, and never came back to pick them up! The store had not gotten around to returning them to the warehouse, so there they were, right when I needed them! Now that was ALL God! I must admit that I felt a little bit like the lame man that Jesus told to pick up his mat and walk...I went away walking and leaping and praising God!

What could have been entirely disastrous, God intended for good. I am reminded that He has me in the palm of His hand, that He watches over me, that He loves me, and that He has the plan for my life. God is so good!

So what is your "little" story of how God has worked something out that you never even thought to bother Him about? Post in the comments below your "Jesus sightings" and surprising "God moments". Sometimes I just look up and say, "now you're just showing off...!" I love it when He makes me laugh and shake my head at the wonder of ALL that He is and does and how He loves us.

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