Busy, busy, busy...

Busy, busy, busy! We all are, aren't we? This has never been more true, especially for Love Sews Ministry, right now! So many exciting things happening and coming up soon, that I just haven't had the opportunity to write a blog post! But let me take a moment to catch you up...

My last post, in May, was about a gentleman from the UK who had received one of our quilts. (Please keep praying, as his battle is still raging on...) Dan, a.k.a. PeeWee Tom, has over 95K subscribers to his YouTube channel, and when Dan posted about his Love Sews Ministry quilt...well let's just say, a LOT of people saw his vlog and we started receiving quilt requests from all over the globe!

Love Sews Ministry quilt goal for 2018 was 250 quilts, quite a stretch for our little (but growing!) community of volunteers...our 2017 goal was 230. As of yesterday, July 3, 2018, we have already completed 194 of the 226 requests we have received so far this year! We are well on our way to blowing our 2018 quilt goal completely out of the water! SOOOoooo exciting! This is a great time to become a volunteer...shameless plug!

Because our ministry is growing at such a fantastic rate, we have found the need to move into a larger space. We will be settled into our new digs just 2 doors down from where we are located now...literally, 2 doors, by the end of July! This means in the midst of our busyness we have to take time out to move. We look at it as a good problem to have, as we desperately need the room to grow! That means more sewing machines for more volunteers which equals more quilts for those in need.

Summer has just begun but our board is already working hard planning for Fall. We will host our first, fundraiser gala October 11. If you would like more information about how you can get involved (or maybe just get invited!), please email us. Also, keep watch of our website and FaceBook page for more information.

The board is also looking to have some Saturday, "public welcome", make-and-take type classes, for Fall and Winter, with fun and practical projects you can complete in one or just a couple of class times. You might want to start thinking, "Christmas gifts"! Again, keep watching this website and our FaceBook page for details.

All this to say, Thank you so much for your support for Love Sews Ministry and for taking the time to read about our good news. We appreciate you all so very much. Keep spreading the word and keep those requests coming so we can share a "Jesus hug" with more people who desperately need one.

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