THIS right here...

Speechless...there just are no words! ...but I will try, ...through the tears, I might add. We have all been stunned into silence...!

Yesterday, May 14, 2018, a young man from the UK posted this YouTube video about his quilt that he received from Love Sews Ministry:

This man has a cancer that is literally taking his life...and he wanted to tell the world (at least his corner of it...) about Love Sews Ministry and just how much having one of our quilts, and all of the prayers wrapped into it, mean to him as he battles this cancer that the doctors say will end his life...all too soon. What an incredible act of pass on our information and efforts in his end times...knowing that there are others out there that could benefit from a "hug from Jesus"...mind=blown...

Please take a moment and pray for this young man...he is literally in the fight of and for his life, albeit...without much hope...his story is heartbreaking, please, please pray. THIS, right here, is one of the many reasons we do what we do at Love Sews Ministry.

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