Season's end...

Once again winter has refused to release it's grip...! Time seems to stand still as we anxiously await the coming of Spring.

Yep, there was frost on the rooftops and a nip in the air again this chilly morning in April... So this was the thought that callously trudged it's way through my brain today. Oh how I wish Spring would...sprung...or whatever it does! So looking forward to fresh grass that needs to be mowed, tiny fuzzy buds turning into beautiful green leaves, and the smell of the first flowers of Spring. Ready to have life move forward with all of God's promises that appear in the coming of Spring, glorious Spring!

Then another thought overtook this one... I was reminded to never wish the days away as I added a couple more stories to our "In Loving Memory" page on this website... This winter was their last winter. The last time time to see the beautiful, fluffy snow flakes gently falling from the heavens and resting neatly on the branches of a tree, sparkling in grand geometric designs on frosted window panes, and appearing as fields of diamonds ready for harvest across the lawn...

No one wants to be reminded of the doctor's prognosis, "you only have so much time left." As those months and days roll closer to a close... Oh how we wish this season would never end...

Be thankful for today, don't wish it away. Spring will be here soon enough, but not everyone will granted the opportunity to see it...

If you know someone who is struggling through this season of their life, please sign them up for one of our "hug from Jesus" quilts. More than warmth, it is our hopes to create strength, hope, and a little bit of joy for the recipients.

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