So, I have a new "hero", well, at least, "hero in faith"... His name is David and I have't even met him...yet. "How can someone you've never met be your new hero?", you might ask. Well, it is all about attitude...he has the attitude that I hope to muster one day...the day Jesus asks me to do that "hard thing" I never saw coming or imagined.

David is a young man who had developed a very rare form of juvenile cancer at the age of 25. This aggressive cancer usually effects it's victims at a much younger age. David has had to undergo equally aggressive treatments of chemo and radiation to combat this disease...much to no avail. The cancer has now spread through his spine and to other parts of his failing body.

What strikes me most about David is his attitude on life. We have been told that the hardest part of this journey for him is knowing the devastation his family will feel at his passing. But, for him, he knows the grand adventure he is about to embark on, a life that awaits him in heaven. That's what makes him my hero. David is secure in his destination - heaven, he is secure in his life in Christ - he knows Who his Redeemer is, and he is secure in knowing that he is a child of the almighty God, and He already has his place prepared. And all of that is exciting to David.

Oh to have David's attitude when the day comes that a doctor tells me, "I'm sorry, but there is nothing more we can do..." I pray that I can look at the situation just like David, a "win-win". If He heals me, I win...and if He doesn't, I get to go home to heaven, and I win. To God be the glory, no matter the outcome.

Thank you, David, for living out your faith as an example to those you love, to those those who know and love you, and to complete strangers like me...Godspeed my friend, see you on the other side...

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