God's Plus One...

It’s with a sad and heavy heart that we say goodbye to one of our very own volunteers, Elaine Zwagerman. Shes sewing with Jesus now, but she will be greatly missed by so many here on earth. Elaine was one of our "star" volunteers, rarely missing a time that the doors were open if she were available.

The death of someone so loving and so loved is always a difficult thing to reconcile in our hearts and minds. We know that they have "gone home" to Jesus and for that we are thrilled for THEM; but, the hole that is left in our hearts here is bottomless... As a Christian, I have the assurance of seeing her again... someday, but for today, the pain is real...

While right here, right now, we are "one less"...God has a new "plus one" at His banquet table. I am certain that Elaine is gracing that table with her beautiful smile and quiet servant attitude.

We miss you Elaine. Thanks for all of your support at Love Sews Ministry. We are humbled and grateful that you thought of us even as you left this world behind. Godspeed, Elaine.

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