Quilt of Celebration

If you have poked around at all on Love Sews Ministry's web site, you have probably read our mission statement..."Love Sews' mission is to make and provide custom quilts to those facing challenging life circumstances, in hopes of creating strength, hope, and a little bit of joy for the recipients." We are a Christian non-profit organization that works with individuals who are facing difficult times. The volunteers and board members do not take this mission lightly. This mission statement is very telling of the types of requests we receive almost daily. To date, for 2018, we already have over 50 quilt requests! While that is a great step towards our goal of 250 quilts for this year, it truly means that there are so many hurting people out there that desperately need a "Jesus hug". In this post, I want to tell you on one particular story of a quilt recipient that went unbelievably great! The story of a quilt of celebration.

One of our Love Sews volunteers has a great-Aunt, Jean, who had her first colonoscopy last fall. The doctors found a very large mass during the scope and determined that it must be removed. As you can imagine, they were expecting the worst...cancer. The surgery was scheduled for a short time later. Immediately, our volunteer requested a quilt for her; understanding that the road ahead would be filled with all kinds of difficult treatments, hospital visits and unanswered questions.

As the doctors removed the mass, they also found a suspicious spot on one of her ovaries. Once again thoughts quickly went to a possible cancer diagnosis. Many prayers were sent up on Jean's behalf as her quilt was in production and Jean and her family anxiously awaited the pathology report on both the mass and the spot.

No one was expecting the good news that followed...benign! Both the mass and the spot were of no consequence. When our volunteer told us the good news, we too, were overjoyed. She asked if her aunt should still receive the quilt now that it was finished and she was "out-of-the-woods". "Of course!" was our reaction. The quilt had been made especially for her. Now that Jean would not have to go through seemingly endless, difficult treatments and face what could have been a very different outcome, we wanted her to have her quilt as a reminder of Jesus' love and faithfulness and celebrate her new found lease on life.

As you can imagine, stories like these are few and very far between in a ministry like Love Sews. We do so rejoice with those who's lives have been reordered and restored. Recipients like Emma, Hunter, and Julie. And we keep praying for those who are still in the battle like, Rody, Eric, and Ryan, and so many more. And we pray for the families of those who have lost their battles like, Keyan, Marge, and Luke.

Do you someone who could benefit from a "Jesus hug" in the form of a quilt made just for them? please fill out a quilt request form and let us start one today. Love Sews quilts are totally free of charge. We are 100% donor supported. If you would like to make a tax deductible gift to help Love sews Ministry reach more struggling, hurting people with a little bit of strength, hope, and peace, please click the Donate Now button at the bottom of the page.

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