The faith of a child...

It never cease to amaze me...the faith of a child! Oh, to have that kind of faith after all the things these eyes have seen, theses hands have touched, and this heart has felt! If only I too, would fall on my knees before Jesus instead of trying to tackle all of life's challenges on my own.

I distinctly remember a time, 30ish years ago, while we were camping in the Rocky Mountains with friends. There must have been a group of about 15 or so of us, including a handful of children. It was pouring, I mean POURING down rain, so much so that we had to stay in our vehicles - no putting up tents! It was almost dinner time and I looked out the window to see if some of the guys had succeeded in building a fire. You see, one family brought the most beautiful steaks that we were to have for dinner that evening; rain or shine as far as the men were concerned! As I looked out I saw the sweetest and most honest thing I had seen in a long time...a 4 year old little girl standing under her father's clear rain poncho with her hands pressed together in prayer, looking up to the clouded sky, praying as hard as she could, with sincere faith, for the God of all creation to stop the rain...and you know what? He did! I will never forget that scene.

This faith; " is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see." - Hebrews 1:1, has been played out again most recently when one of the quilts that Loves Sews Ministry made was about to be presented to the father-in-law of an elementary school teacher who has cancer. All the the first-grade students gathered around the quilt to pray for this person. What a beautiful site! Seeing the honesty with which they prayed; the faith, hope and confidence they have in God, whom they cannot see, to bring healing to someone they really didn't know! Words cannot describe...amazing to see such faith in action. I think we can all learn a little something from these little ones.

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