Sew what's in it for me...?

The other day as I was, once again, running from one thing to the next in my over booked day, my mind decided to wander a moment: "I know I can get everything on my list done if I just stay on track and keep to the schedule." I tell myself. Then I wondered, "How is that making room for God to guide my day and set my course?"

Good question! I am so thankful that God already has my day planned out. Sometimes our schedules are in sync, other times, not so much. Over the years have learned to allow the Creator of the universe, the Lover of my soul, the One who actually has the plan for my life, lead the way. His ways are ALWAYS so much better than mine. His plan for my day is always perfect, even in times I want to complain that my plans get interrupted or put on hold.

When I let God lead, because He will never force His way on us, my life is better, plain and simple. Sometimes I find myself just trying to keep pace with the steps He sets before me. Not because it is more than I can take on, but because He is God and He knows, better than I, what He wants to accomplish through me. More times than not, I find myself amazed and in awe that He would even use a broken mess like me! "If it's true, You use broken things, then here I am Lord, I'm all Yours..." to quote a favorite song on the radio right now...

Because He has put His heart in my heart, because He has redeemed me by the blood of His only son, Jesus, I choose to "pedal faster", to strive to keep pace with the One who goes before me preparing each step. What I love sew (yes, I meant to spell it that way!) much is that my Father also knows the things I delight in, not the least of which is sewing, helping others, and passing on legacy to those who come after.

Love Sews Ministry gives me moments in this life to sit and sew, sew for others, and sew for those in need. It also affords me the opportunity to pass along some things I've learned along the way to new volunteers interested in learning. I am so thankful for this ministry that gives so much from the heart of all those who participate in it; from the faithful volunteers that show up each week, to the people who request quilts to bless their friends, family, and acquaintances, to the leadership who spend countless hours behind the scenes bringing it all together.

Loving on others, wrapping them in a great big cuddly Jesus hug, with like minded people, by the grace of God. That's what's in it for me...

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