A long time coming...

Today we start a new chapter in the Love Sews Ministry's web presence...our first blog post! This has been a long time coming...

I have been a part of this amazing ministry for the past 3 years. I came to Love Sews shortly after our first anniversary. Recalling the day I first stepped through the door, unsure of what I was getting myself into, I felt the welcoming smiles of about 12 volunteers merrily setting about the work of making quilts for total strangers. People who were in the middle of overwhelming life circumstances. People like you and me who just needed an extra hug from Jesus, some reassurance that no matter what, they could face the next day ahead.

Shar greeted me at the door, it was good to see a face that I was familiar with as I did not know anyone else in the room. She talked me through the quilt making process and introduced me to the other volunteers. She also introduced me to her daughter, Lindsay, the "brains" behind the operation, our "fearless leader" and founder of Love Sews Ministry. Lindsay took the time to explain her vision for Love Sews and how it came to her at a quilting convention in Texas - amazing and yet somehow, hysterical story really, best told by her... We will save that for another day!

I immediately felt at home at Love Sews! I had been making quilts for many years, but never with such purpose. In some way, I felt as though this was a calling, a way to pass on what I had learned from my grandmother and great-grandmother. A mission for good for what, until this time, had only been a passion and hobby of mine. A place to use the skills God had given me for His good purpose.

Love Sews Ministry is really a big family, adding new sisters and the occasional brother (yes! we do have a guy or two who have come to sew!) along the way. It is so nice to be with our volunteers as we work together to love on and serve others. We may never really know how each quilt touches the heart of the one who receives it, but we know how our hearts are changed having the opportunity to pray over each quilt as it is made. We always talk about how bitter sweet it is to have new requests for quilts all the time. So hard to hear about the issues that people face, yet a blessing to be able to do something special for them.

We don't profess to make miracles happen at Love Sews, but what we do is extremely valuable. We give a little bit of hope, joy, and a small portion of peace in the form of a warm comfy "hug from Jesus" wrapped in a lovely quilt made specifically for the recipient.

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