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EsteVonn was diagnosed with cancer last year. He has undergone both Chemo and radiation treatments. EsteVonn was very excited to receive his quilt from Love Sews. A couple of weeks EsteVonn went through extensive testing to see where he was along his recovery journey. He is still awaiting the results but the outlook is very good. He will be traveling to Disney with Make-A-Wish right after graduation in June of 2018. 


Lily is 14 years old and was diagnosed with FSGS in 2016. She has not responded to treatments as of Fall 2017 but hopes a treatment can be found to prevent kidney failure. Her quilt from Love Sews in her favorite mermaid colors not only keeps her warm and comfortable while receiving treatments, but surrounds her with love and prayers.


 I had a very hard year. A very sick kid. Lindsay was the person who did my eyelashes and made me feel pretty and normal at a time that nothing was normal. I didn't know Love Sews existed for almost a year as her client....that is until she presented me with a quilt made by the volunteers at her nonprofit. It was four months after my daughter died. That particular day was especially hard. I wasn't expecting a quilt, didn't know that I needed it. She told me it was so I could know that I was loved, that people were thinking of us. That quilt has lived on my bed since then, and every time I look at it I remember that there are good people in this world, people that still want to care for others in need (even when they don't know they're in need :) Love Sews gave me a physical reminder of the generosity of humans and the love that exists. 


"Today I received a quilt in the mail from who I’m not sure.  I’m beyond blessed.  I have never received a gift like this.  Thank you!  It came from Love Sews Ministry.  It says enjoy this quilt and know you are not alone in your journey!"


 Jean had her first colonoscopy last fall. The doctors found a very large mass during the scope and determined that it must be removed. As you can imagine, they were expecting the worst...cancer. As the doctors removed the mass, they also found a suspicious spot on one of her ovaries. Many prayers were sent up on Jean's behalf as her quilt was in production and Jean and her family anxiously awaited the pathology report on both the mass and the spot.


No one was expecting the good news that followed...benign! Both the mass and the spot were of no consequence.


Rody's kidneys are failing and he suffers from a rare blood disorder that prevents him for being a kidney transplant recipient. Many days is it difficult for him to leave the house. This quilt was made from materials from Ghana that he received on one of his many trips as the US President of International Needs Network. 


A note from Margie's daughter, Diane:

"My mom received the blanket today. She thinks it's beautiful! She was very touched. She said I can't believe how much people care! Thank you so much for making it and sending it to her. She has good days and bad days... So hard to see her like this. Thanks again for doing this for her. " 


"We were so grateful to receive this lovely quilt in response to Asher's brain surgery. Thank you again for your prayers and the show of love! He loves playtime on his quilt!" - Grandma Sharyl 


Jesus will be undergoing the long process of kidney dialysis. This Quilt was requested for him, by is daughter, to keep him warm and comfortable and remind him he is loved so much in this difficult time. 


Emma was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma on April 28, 2015. She was able to muster enough strength through her first treatments to walk across the stage at her high school graduation. Emma has held tightly to her faith in God and His plans for her life throughout her ordeal. Emma took a year off from starting her college career at Lipscomb University to give her and soul some time to heal. We are thankful to report that Emma is now cancer free!


Hunter was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma just about a year ago. He is a young husband and father. True to his name, Hunter is an avid hunter! So this is the "cammo quilt" Love Sews made for him. We just heard recently that he is now cancer free. He still has to under go a few more chemo treatments to complete his care.


"Thank you so, so very much, Love Sews, for taking the time to make this amazing quilt for my daughter, Avery Grace. She was absolutely blown away to receive this today and felt extremely honored. We can feel the love, prayers and generous spirit with each piece of this quilt. Thank you again for making this little girl so happy! "     ~Sasha, Avery's Mom


Avery is recovering from surgery to repair a torn ACL.  She will soon have the same surgery on her other leg.  She told her mom, "I want keep this quilt for the rest of my life".


Thank you so much for my quilt! It feels great to know people are praying! I appreciate everything you guys do. I love my quilt!


Thank you so much for my beautiful quilt!!  I cannot put into words how much it means not only to have a blanket made with love but all of the prayers I received while it was being made. You truly make a difference and I can't ever thank you enough. God is good!


Deb has been diagnosed acute Leukemia. Her quilt was requested by her aunt with specific colors that would match the colors of her favorite room.


Grayson is battling Leukemia, and his name came to us all the way from California.  He sent us a video saying, "Thank you, Love Sews MInistry for my quilt.  I love it". 


Thank you all so much. I was so surprised, and emotional when I received my beautiful quilt. Thank you to everyone that all made this happen, my cousin, Patty, and all that worked on and prayed for me while creating this amazing quilt! I'm healing very well and just few more follow up visits, and periodically visiting my oncologist to monitor the medication I'm on. I thank my angels everyday! I am forever great full to all of you!


Eric had always been a very active son, husband, brother and "the fun uncle".  He loved outdoor sports, especially dirt bikes!  Eric was out riding his dirt bike on the sand dunes and was involved in a horrific collision with a dune buggy.  His legs sustained the worst of the injuries.  One leg had to be amputated above the knee and the other was amputated just below the knee.  Through all his very difficult recovery, Eric has maintained an amazing attitude.  Now, he is in Physical Therapy and looking forward to being fitted with prosthetic legs.  When Eric's quilt arrived he said it was "so nice to know others were thinking about him".  He has a long road ahead of him.  We pray he feels the prayers and caring thoughts we sent with his quilt. Eric plans to run with his niece on his shoulders again!  


Evan was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor.  At this point, he is being treated at the University of Michigan for cornea inflammation, headaches and facial tics, all effects of the tumor.  If the doctors biopsy the tumor, Evan will have permanent facial paralysis, so right now they are just monitoring it every three months and it is showing minimal growth. Evan went from being active in swimming, football and water polo, to days when he is unable to attend a full day of school. Evan loves his quilt and it goes to every appointment with him. The technicians allow Evan to keep his quilt with him during his hour and a half brain scans.  He says the quilt is his reminder that people are praying for him, and God is in control.


Herme, a former Ms Senior Arizona, lives in Scottsdale Arizona.  She is the sister of one of our Volunteers.  Herme tripped on a rug, fell and broker her knee and nose. For a very active lady, it was hard to go on low activity, with elevated leg for 6 weeks.  We sent her a prayer quilt with a purple lining, representing her constant fundraising efforts to help victims of Domestic Violence.   Herme was thrilled to receive her quilt and felt every wish and prayer that came with it.  Herme is now done with her 6 weeks rest and is busy with her next fundraiser.


"Ally sleeps with her special blanket every night. What you do is amazing! You ladies are so special!"

~Ally's Mom, Jo Ann Boeve