2018 News

December 2018


Local students from Rose Park Elementary School (part of Holland Christian Schools) had their annual "Christmas Cookie Sale". Each year they pick a non-profit organization to donate their sale proceeds to. This year they chose Love Sews Ministry. Today the students raised $650 for Love Sews! Best sale ever! Thank you Rose Park Elementary!

November 2018

image1 (2).jpeg

Love Sew Ministry received our first $1,000 check from Spartan Stores through the Direct Your Dollars program. Our volunteers, their friends and families, have been saving their Spartan Store cash register receipts for quite some time!

We needed $150,000 in receipts collected and logged in order to receive this $1,000 grant money.

Keep up the good work in collecting those receipts! We are already started on our next batch! Be sure to have your receipt printed at the checkout as they now have other electronic options. We need the entire receipt. All Spartan Store receipts are eligible, including:  Family Fare and D&W locally, here in Holland.

No matter where you live, if your Spartan Store receipt says, "Direct your Dollars" on it, we can add it to the collection!

Thanks for helping!

October 2018


Love Sews Ministry had an awesome day with gals from the Women's Service Day! What a great group to work with. They were such hard workers and  really got a lot done for us!

Already looking forward to next year!

August 2018

On August 9th we officially reached 1,000 likes on the  Love Sews Ministry FaceBook page! Thank you everyone for spreading the word! Keep inviting your friends to like us and invite them to partner with Love Sews through volunteering, quilt requests, prayer or even donations.

Your help and generosity is so greatly appreciated!


August 7th We are officially moved into our new space. Same address, new suite, just two doors over from where we were; our name is above the door and on the windows...! The much needed room to grow will help us reach more people in need of comfort, joy and a little bit of strength in the form of a "Jesus hug" aka a Love Sews quilt.

July 2018

As we complete a quilt at Love Sews, we add a tag to our bulletin board to keep tabs on were we are towards our goal. Love Sews Ministry has completed 200 quilts so far this year, as of July 10!

Our original goal for 2018 was 250 - that is 20 more than last year. We are well on our way to blowing that goal WAY out of the water at this rate! Looking like we might reach closer to 400 quilts for 2018!


This is why we need YOU! Come join us to volunteer - we will teach you everything you need to know, no experience or equipment necessary.

We can also use your help with generous donations. 


The need to wrap people in a "hug from Jesus" continues to grow. Physical pain, emotional hurt, deadly diseases, depression, accidents, natural disasters, loss of loved a one, and so much more have not taken a break. Neither can we.

Know someone struggling through a difficult life circumstance? Request a quilt for them today.

May 2018

Love Sews Ministry went international! A special thanks to Dan "Pee Wee Toms" Thomas, a gentleman from the UK, who is battling cancer. Dan has 90K+ YouTube followers. When he posted the video in our blog about the quilt we sent him, all of the sudden we were receiving quilts requests from around the globe! Please keep praying for Dan, his struggle is very real!

May 2018

Love Sews Ministry participated in the annual Tulip Time Parades in Holland, during Tulip Time week, the first full week of May. Many of our lovely volunteers and their children and even grandchildren rode the float or walked the entire parade route!