In Loving Memory



Dan Thomas, a.k.a. PeeWeeToms, was diagnosed with a very rare sarcomatoid carcinoma in 2015. Love Sews Ministry met Dan in May of 2018 when he requested a quilt for himself. Dan lived life to the fullest right up until he passed in late September.

We will never forget you. "Don't give in, Don't give up"..."Tah, tah, Buh bye". 

To see more of Dan's story and how he has effected Love Sews Ministry, click here.


Freda with her quilt from Love Sews Ministry. Freda passed away in mid October. She was one of our volunteers when Love Sews Ministry started.



Lois was diagnosed with brain cancer in October of 2017. She passed away in August 2018. Lois' quilt was requested for her by her small group Bible study and they had the opportunity to pray over it before it was presented to her.


Evelyn passed away the day she was going to receive her quilt. Her daughter Barb loves the quilt and will cherish it as a reminder of her sweet mom. Love and Much Thanks to Love Sews.


Gene Oosterveld who had cancer, went to be with his Lord and Savior, Tuesday April 3rd 2018. Him an his wife  loved the quilt so much, it brought Beauty to his room and brightened their life to know the love and prayers that came along with their beautiful Quilt.


Gene was born in the Netherlands, and his quilt reflected a lot of that, it will be cherished as a reminder of him by his wife Heney. She sends a heartfelt thank you to Love Sews.


It’s with a sad and heavy heart that we say goodbye to one of our very own volunteers, Elaine Zwagerman. Elaine, age 66, passed away on January 24, 2018 after a courageous battle with cancer. She is sewing with Jesus now, but she will be greatly missed by so many here on earth. Elaine was one of our "star" volunteers, rarely missing a time that the doors were open if she were available. While right here, right now, we are "one less"...God has a new "plus one" at His banquet table. I am certain that Elaine is gracing that table with her beautiful smile and quiet servant attitude.


Margaret had pneumonia when her quilt was requested by her daughter. She had suffered with chronic bronchitis for many years. Love Sews learned of her life long passion for the Detroit Tigers and was able to theme her quilt to reflect that love. Margaret "went home" to be with Jesus in 2017.


Roger had skin cancer for many years before he passed away. When the quilt was requested for him, the cancer had spread to the top of his head and into his ears. Roger had a number of surgeries to remove the cancer but it had entered his lymph nodes and spread throughout his body.


Only weeks after being diagnosed with a rare, aggressive cancer, 15 year old Luke had to have his right leg amputated, above the knee, to save his life.  It is his faith, and the faith of his family and friends, that keep him strong and keep his spirit high.

Unfortunately, Luke's cancer, although it appeared to be in remission, then came back even more aggressively. Luke lost his battle on September 6, 2017. Please say a prayer for Luke's family and read more about the life and legacy of this remarkable young man here:


Love Sews Ministry recently delivered this quilt to Lou. The quilt was started for Lou's critically ill husband, Nick. Sadly, Nick passed to his Heavenly home, before the quilt was completely finished. We asked Lou if she would accept this quilt in honor of Nick. She gladly accepted. "Love the quilt. Thanks, to Love Sews Ministry. Lou"


Keyan Hogan was born prematurely as a quadruplet. Keyan “was given the short end of all of the sticks when it came to her physical health.” She was visually impaired and had cerebral palsy as well as a seizure disorder. She also had a tracheotomy in her neck to help her breathe. Her most problematic diagnosis during the latter part of her life was neuropathic dysmotility of the GI tract. Keyan lost her life long battle on July 2, 2017. She is greatly and sadly missed by all who knew her.

You can follow the Hogan's story here: