How much cost is involved to make one quilt?

The average cost of just the material needed for the making of one quilt is $75 to $100, and we estimate that our quits cost about $125 each when considering total costs minus labor. We do not ask our recipients or the requester to pay for the quilt, however we require a tax deductible $15 donation if we will need to mail the quilt to the recipient. 

How long does it take to produce one quilt?

Quilts work their way through our system in approximately 4-6 weeks. Shipping and delivery time will depend on where the quilt is going.

How much does it cost to ship a quilt?

Based on our experience, shipping, handling and insurance costs for sending a quilt within the United States costs about $15. For shipping outside of the U.S. the cost increases to approximately $50. 

Do you have any paid staff?

The ministry has recently been blessed and is growing, and we have hired our first paid staff member, our executive director. Everyone else at Love Sews are unpaid, even our board members, who put in many hours behind the scenes. 

What else do you do at Love Sews other than the quilts?

We have done a variety of other projects at Love Sews, from sew-ins where we gather to create a just for fun project together, to community outreach events. If you want to get involved with Love Sews through an event, please reach out to lovesewsministry@gmail.com, or visit during our open hours.