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Wrapping the world with love, one quilt at a time.

Est. 2013

About Us

Love Sews Ministry Mission

Love Sews' mission is to make and provide custom quilts to those facing challenging life circumstances, in hopes of creating strength, hope, and a little bit of joy for the recipients. We are a Christian non-profit organization that works with individuals who are facing difficult times.

Love Sews Ministry was established in March 2013.  To date our volunteers have  completed more than 1,000 quilts that have been donated to individuals and families.  So we are very excited about what God is doing and how He is using Love Sews Ministry to bring comfort, peace, and healing.


Why Quilts

Quilts represent life…a story that is often mismatched;  they bring comfort when ill, warmth when cold, security when alone, and most importantly, a constant reminder of the love and care sewn into each square on it's way to becoming a quilt...a hug from Jesus.


Quilts have always represented timeless art, most often displayed on walls.  The wave of modern quilting has shifted into the philosophy that quilts should be completely functional and continually used.  Quilting for a cause creates a binding group of people sharing the same passion and devotion for helping those in need.  This enriching experience is gratifying for both the quilters and the recipients.


Here are just a handful of the stories of the people who have received their very own special quilt from Love Sews Ministry.


Paige has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She had the lump removed and is now waiting for that to heal before she starts radiation. Paige loves her quilt from Love Sews Ministry!



Bill has a new lease on life. Twelve years ago, he was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. His diagnosis came as a shock, as there is no family history of lung disease. Bill’s lung function declined over the years, and he eventually required the assistance of supplementary oxygen. Doctors told him a lung transplant was critical to his survival. Thankfully, Bill received a lung transplant on December 7, 2018!

"Yesterday Dad received a quilt from Love Sews Ministry. Love Sews is an amazing ministry in Holland Michigan. We are SO thankful to Love Sews for the quilt, prayers and support. Dad loves his quilt!"

Follow Bill's journey here:https://www.facebook.com/Billhayeslung/


"Wanted you to have this pictures of Maddie and her blanket after her surgery. Everything went well. Her breathing was pretty labored in recovery, but she was in ICU. They checked out her esophagus & Trachea while in there and repaired. She has a cleft on her trachea and they did a medical treatment while in there to repair it. She's all set for her open heart surgery in April. Thank you for your loving prayers. Wanted you to have a picture to show the girls who made the blanket." 


Get Involved



Our volunteers are the heart and soul of Love Sews Ministry. We can do nothing without them. Not only do they bring their sewing experience (or lack thereof), they bring enthusiasm, joy, love, a willingness to pray for hurting individuals and a servant's heart.

You do NOT need any sewing experience, we will teach you everything we know and walk you through each step of the quilt process. We provide all the materials, including the sewing machines!

Open Hours

Tuesdays from 6:00pm to 8:30pm

Wednesdays from 12:00pm to 4:00pm

Every second and fourth Friday from 12:00pm to 3:00pm

Love Sews Gear for sale

Love Sews gear can be purchased at Love Sews Ministry in Holland.

Our 20oz. mugs are $15, the 30oz. mugs are $20 and our Sew Awesome t-shirts are $27 and come in a variety of sizes.

Family Fare and D&W Direct Your Dollars Program

Save your Family Fare and D&W receipts! We’re raising money to purchase quilt materials through Direct Your Dollars


Be sure to have your friends, family, and neighbors save them for us as well. We have already received our first $1,000 check and are on our way to the next! Check it out here.


Request a Quilt

Do you know someone who would benefit from one of our quilts? Someone who is facing a life circumstance that has come upon them unexpectedly? Someone dealing with depression, hopelessness, sorrow at the loss of a loved one, injury, or any number of other issues?

Please click the Quilt Request Form button below, fill in some basic information and we will get that quilt started for them.


All quilts are a gift and labor of love from the volunteers at Love Sews Ministry and can be shipped anywhere there is need for comfort and a "hug from Jesus". (If you are not able to pick up the quilt you've requested from Love Sews Ministry and deliver it personally, we request that you cover the postage, handling and insurance costs for all quilts needing to be shipped.)